links for 2010-06-10

  • "If you write or copyedit in Microsoft Word, have you thought about using color as a tool? Here are two ways I use color in editing and word-processing…."

    I love tips like this. I used grey text sometimes in Word, to mark passages I'm not sure about or to indicate notes that have been incorporated into my draft.

  • "Everything is disintegrating. It makes me writhe to be writing book-reviews etc. at such a time, and even angers me that such time-wasting should still be permitted. The interview at the War Office on Saturday may come to something, if I am clever at faking my way past the doctor. If once in the army, I know by the analogy of the Spanish war that I shall cease to care about public events."
  • "With the Orange Prize awarded to The Lacuna, we have about six months blissfully free of commentators making nonsense statements about how women's literature is all too domestic, or how the Orange Prize is just reverse sexism and men should be allowed to win, etc. Hooray for that."

    Let's enjoy this respite while it lasts. It won't be long.

  • "Today The Washington Post reported that owners of Politics and Prose are trying to sell the indie bookstore."
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