links for 2010-06-15

  • 'But my favorite practice has to be this gem: “Gay Talese used to type up pages, pin them to Styrofoam panels in his office and observe them using a set of binoculars from across the room.'

    I might try this with his books.

  • "As I read about the careful inspection of corpses for signs of vampirism, a curious thing happened. Slowly I began to get vampire stories: the horror of our aspiring consciousness finding itself trapped in a mortal body, the threatening presence of the already deceased, even the undead's gamble on a kind of credit—another's blood instead of their own—rather than acceptance of normal human fate."

    Terrific essay — and preview of his latest anthology — from the fascinating Michael Sims.

  • "NEW YORK—In a desperate effort to find a trendy new fantasy subgenre to succeed the ebbing vampire craze, Razorbill Books executive Graham Childress decided this week to throw all his professional weight behind a new series of novels featuring minotaurs, the bull-headed, human-bodied creatures of ancient Greek mythology. "Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about minotaurs," Childress said at a publishing conference, frantically trying to drum up enthusiasm for the planned trilogy about a bad-boy minotaur who transfers to a new high school and eventually falls for the one girl who can see the pain and sensitivity behind his brooding exterior. "

    I heart minotaurs.

  • 'Wonderful news, just in time for Bloomsday. The team at Ulysses Seen, the graphic adaptation of Joyces’s “Ulysses,” just e-mailed us to report that Apple is changing the restrictions on the Ulysses Seen iPad app.'

    Well it's about time. Sheesh.

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