links for 2010-06-22

  • "Have you dreamed of working for National Public Radio? Well here's your chance. The public broadcasting leader is in search of a books editor who will edit and produce arts coverage for from their Washington, D.C. office. The ideal candidate will need to have daily news and online experience as well as an arts or journalism background."

    Dream job alert!

  • On a recent trip to the town of West Baden Springs, Indiana, population 615, I met Michael Koryta, the author of the new thriller “So Cold the River,” in the bar of the West Baden Springs Hotel, where “River” is set. He was perched on a bar stool, drinking a Stella, dwarfed by an enormous, soaring glass dome that can be seen from a distance on the road leading up to the hotel, surrounded by towers flying white flags.

    –I've seen the West Baden Hotel in about three different incarnations — a college, a monastery, and most recently restored to the height of its former spa glory–and it's never failed to impress and amaze. It's about time someone set a novel there, and about time The New Yorker took notice!

    “Was I wrong?” Koryta asked, referring to the impact of the hotel’s atrium on first-time visitors. In “So Cold the River,” the protagonist, Eric Shaw, walks in, and promptly drops his luggage.

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