Penguin Books anniversaty party at New Dominion July 21

From New Dominion Bookshop:

Wednesday, July 21 at 4 PM

Bestselling author and Charlottesville local

Jan Karon

will be hosting an anniversary party for

Penguin Books

at New Dominion Bookshop

Lots of refreshments and giveaways!

This summer, the Penguin Anniversary-mobile (a Penguin-orange Mini-Cooper with the Penguin logo) will be touring the United States to celebrate Penguin’s 75th anniversary, increase awareness of The Nature Conservancy, and promote literacy. It will be appearing at bookstores across the country and bringing some of Penguin’s well-known authors to anniversary parties at bookstores in their hometowns. At each anniversary event, a set of 75 of the most iconic titles from Penguin Books will be donated to a local library or literacy group. When the nation-wide celebration is complete, Penguin will auction the car with the proceeds going to the New York Public Library. Penguin will also be donating sets of 75 books to numerous U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jan Karon is hosting the Charlottesville celebration at New Dominion Bookshop. Ms. Karon is the author of the Mitford series which has sold 30 million copies. Her new novel, In the Company of Others, will be published this October. In addition to meeting fans and talking about her work and the legacy of Penguin Books, Ms. Karon will donate a set of 75 of the most iconic titles from Penguin Books to the Jefferson Madison Regional Public Library’s Book Mobile!

Penguin Books 75th Anniversary

The evolution of Penguin Books over the past 75 years has been extraordinary. In 1935, the world was cast into a global economic downturn and The Dust Bowl had laid waste to a huge swath of American and Canadian prairies. Across the Atlantic, Adolf Hitler announced German re-armament, thus setting the stage for another bloody world war. But this was also the year in which one man had a vision that would change publishing forever.

Allen Lane had the revolutionary idea to offer affordable, quality paperback books through outlets like railway stations and newsagents as well as bookshops. He wanted to make good books as accessible and cheap to procure as a pack of cigarettes at a kiosk. Lane launched his new line of books on July 30, 1935, with ten inexpensive paperbacks. Simply designed with broad bands of color, the original ten books immediately established themselves within the history of design. Skeptics dismissed Lane’s idea as imprudent and crazy, but by March 1936—ten months after the company’s launch—one million Penguin books had been printed. Within a year, Penguin had sold three million paperbacks. The skeptics were proven wrong and a new, innovative publishing model was launched into the world.

As part of the anniversary celebration Penguin is proud to support The Nature Conservancy and their “Plant a Billion Trees Campaign.” Penguin Books was an original supporter of the campaign at its inception in 2008. So far, more than 5.5 million trees have been planted in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

In 1935, Penguin Books were published only in the U.K. Now they’re published globally in the United States, U.K., Canada, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, China, and Korea. Penguin Books authors have won 25 Nobel Prizes, 18 National Book Awards, and 12 Pulitzer Prizes. Penguin Books is the flagship imprint of Penguin Group (USA) and includes Penguin Classics, the largest and most comprehensive list of English language classics published in the world. And now in 2010, Penguin Books—which publishes more than 300 books per year in the United States and has more than 3,600 Penguin Books and 1,500 Penguin Classics in print—is thrilled to be celebrating its 75th birthday.

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