links for 2010-07-19

  • "As of today, July 19, 2010, we are open for submissions. We invite you to submit your best work: fiction, creative non-fiction, and craft essays under 3,000 words; book reviews under 500 words; and poetry. We’ll also welcome queries for interviews. We expect to publish both emerging and established writers. We don’t have an aesthetic. Our goal is to publish distinctive work, regardless of theme and style."

    Do it! Submit! Do it do itdoit!

  • "Bill McKibben comes out swinging in his new book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet…"

    My review of Eaarth in the premier issue of Prime Number.

  • "So try an experiment. For the next seven days, go monolingual and speak only human at work. Don’t say anything to your boss, your staff, your teammate, your supplier or your customer that you wouldn’t say to your spouse or your friend."
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