Spooner by Pete Dexter — BookBalloon’s August Reading Club Selection

BookBalloon August Reading Club Selection

Spooner by Pete DexterSpooner by Pete Dexter

“In Spooner, his autobiographical new novel, Dexter takes a look at himself, implicitly admitting that he’s a little on the high-strung side, to put it mildly. He attempts — if I read him correctly — to answer the question: What makes a person turn out to be like Pete Dexter? It’s a hard question for a person trained as a journalist who’s used to looking outward, or for a man of action who prefers boxing to many other pastimes. How do you look inside and come up with an answer that makes sense?” — Carolyn See, The Washington Post

Discussion of Spooner begins August 1. Forum registration is free.

Discussion of The Siege of Krishnapur will continue through July — and perhaps beyond.

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