Introducing Mark Lawrence

Some years ago I introduced my readers to Len Bains, who had just published some short stories that I thought worth checking out. Well, today I have an update: Len Bains is now writing as Mark Lawrence. As Mark Lawrence, he has just signed a huge deal for a fantasy series that will start off with a book called Prince of Thorns. Here’s how Mark describes it:

Prince of Thorns is about a charming, dangerous, and amoral boy growing into a charming, dangerous, and amoral young man. On the journey he cuts down pretty much everything and everyone who gets in his way, and he’s rather creative when it comes to the business of killing.

Where Prince of Thorns differs from a lot of fantasy books is that the story is the main character, Jorg. It’s as much about who he is and why he is as it is about what he does. There’s no evil overlord threating the goodly lands of Generica. There are no dragons, no fireworky mages spewing out magic like they just ate a bad spell. Our hero is as nasty as many a villain and he makes no apologies for it. However, if you read between the lines he delivers, you discover a new perspective on him that whilst it doesn’t excuse his crimes, does go some way to explaining them.

For more info, check out Lawrence’s website. And keep an eye out for Prince of Thorns.

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