links for 2010-08-30

  • "Jackson Landers, the 32-year-old local man who garnered a writeup in the New York Times for his classes that offer a link between hunting and the local food movement, says that he is working on a pilot for Animal Planet, tentatively called "Eating Aliens." The show would follow Landers as he travels the world finding creative ways to hunt and, with the help of a chef, eat invasive species. (Zebra mussel stew, anyone?) Landers' first book, A Locavore's Guide to Deer Hunting, will be out in 2011."

    Yet another local author/tv star!

  • "A Shortlist of What Surprised Me Upon My Third Reading of The Great Gatsby"

    Always something new here.

  • "Hitchens is and has always been the kind of writer who, when considered, seems to demand that one take sides – pro, con, either way works fine, provided there’s no squeamishness or side-shuffling, moral or otherwise."
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