Elizabeth McColl, Opening Arteries, at New Dominion September 23

Coming to New Dominion Bookshop:

Elizabeth McColl will read from and discuss her novel

Opening Arteries

Thursday, September 23 at 5:30 PM

Five primary characters of Opening Arteries undergo varying blood ruptures. Adele Brower works as a marketing agent in Albuquerque, N.M. and lives with her fiancé, Reed Stegner. With his tapestries, his motorcycle, and his indifference to capitalism, Reed finds peace. When Adele suffers a head injury, however, Reed must hearken to social and financial rules he’d earlier smirked.

Across the country in Washington, D.C. is Jennie Lamont, Adele’s sister, who writes short stories about nurturing children when she is not actually nurturing her own children. She’s married to Jay, a corporate lawyer, who dwells on syndication, fly fishing, and himself, not necessarily in that order. In addition to Adele’s trauma, they face the fury of marital discord when Helen Henderson enters the scene. As her relationship with Jay develops, Helen has trouble figuring if a wedding ring is worth the weight of kids that comes with it.

Nietzsche wrote that “one must have chaos in one’s soul to give birth to a dancing star.” Opening Arteries attempts to mollify the chaos of these characters, to be a star that dances for the reader.

“What if your life were altered irrevocably in a single moment? When Adele, a corporate marketing whiz who’s succeeded at every challenge ever handed her, suffers a brain injury in a biking accident, every aspect of her life must be rewoven. Her fiancé, Reed, a fiber artist, and her sister, Jennie, who is struggling with internal and external traumas of her own, are deeply affected as well. In Opening Arteries, Elizabeth McColl has created a rich, complex tapestry of interwoven characters and events and a study in the frailty – and the strength – of the human spirit and of the bonds between us.” —Maureen Ryan Griffin

Elizabeth McColl is a graduate of the University of Virginia, Duke Law School, and UNCC. She is currently an instructor at Central Piedmont Community College and at King’s College in Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys reading, biking, and mothering three children. Her novel draws from experience: suffering a head injury and surviving with grit.


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  1. Elizabeth will share VA BOOK panel on March 17 at New Dominion on Writing and Healing. I missed her Sept reading. Is she a WH member?

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