links for 2010-09-20

  • 'Virgin America will soon activate a "Read" button on the in-flight personal televisions. Dianna Dilworth speculated: "It could be a great place for publishers to market their books and give away sample chapters.'

    At last — something to do on those long flights. Though I guess you could always, you know, bring a book.

  • "The unofficial number of apps available is something like ten billion. Of that number, eight billion are amazingly boring free apps like Pimple Popper Lite. The rest seem to be word games. With that in mind, we've sifted through all the mundane anagram games and all the half-hearted knockoffs to bring you the fix you need for your language obsession. These are the games that'll make you feel smart and obnoxiously ignore the people who try to talk to you … "

    As usual with HuffPo, you'll have to page through an amazingly tedious slideshow format to see all the suggestions, but you might pick up a gem or two along the way.

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