Photographer John M. Hall, New Dominion Bookshop, November 19

Coming to New Dominion Bookshop:

Friday, November 19 at 5:30 PM

Photographer and artist

John M. Hall will discuss

Private Gardens of Connecticut

will discuss

Private Gardens of Connecticut By Jane Garmey

Photographs by John M. Hall

Connecticut is uniquely rich in beautiful landscape, encompassing more than six hundred miles of serene shoreline along Long Island Sound, untold acres of open farmland, and the rolling hills and lakes of the famed northwest corner on the New York/Massachusetts border. The varied topography and microclimates have given rise to an unusual range of gardens.

Twenty-eight are presented here, a rare and privileged glimpse of the private retreats of prominent members of the fashion, design, arts, and business communities, such as Oscar and Annette de la Renta, Bunny Williams, Robert Couturier, Lynden Miller, Edward Lee Cave, and Anne Bass. Private Gardens of Connecticut features gardens from all across the state some that have never been professionally photographed with a diversity of styles from formal to small, contemporary, wild, and old fashioned. Some are grand in scale, others exceedingly modest, but all have been cared for and tended with great love. None of these gardens was made overnight and many have taken years to come to fruition. The garden of the Greek god Adonis may have “one day blossomed and fruitful were the next,” but not any of the gardens featured in this book.

In an engaging and highly anecdotal text, Private Gardens of Connecticut, author Jane Garmey tells the story of the creation of the gardens and the pleasure the owners take in them while John Hall’s magnificent photographs of sumptuous flowers and luxuriant foliage bring them to life.

Private Gardens of Connecticut offers an exclusive glimpse in to these cherished private retreats creating a lush portrait of this unique landscape that will inspire committed gardeners and engage all who appreciate natural beauty.

“Garmey and Hall only chose gardens where the owners were fully invested in their land, even if they have a full-time staff…. Garmey and Hall also chose mature gardens that have stories about their growth and evolution. ‘You don’t make a good garden overnight,’ says Garmey. ‘Well, you can, but I didn’t want that type of garden in our book.’”—Rural Intelligence

“You may have noticed that autumn is upon us, and it’s probably dawned on you that—well, the garden isn’t going to be what it has been much longer. Sadly, all those flowers and lovely vibrant green leaves are already showing signs of falling. Luckily for us, though, a newly released book, “Private Gardens of Connecticut,” celebrates the beauty and bounty of summer and gives us something to look forward to and contemplate.”—New Haven Register

Jane Garmey is a noted garden writer and a contributor to the New York Times. Born in England, she is the author of The Writer in the Garden, Great British Cooking: A Well-Kept Secret, and Great New British Cooking. She lives in New York and in Cornwall, Connecticut.

John M. Hall is a photographer and artist based in New York. He regularly collaborates with architects, interior designers, and garden designers for publication. His books include Greek Revival America, Fresh Cuts, Designing Women, and Adventures with Old Houses.


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