links for 2010-11-09

  • 'E-book sellers “wish you to engage in two separate hallucinations,” claims a provocative new essay in The Economist. “First, that their limited licence to read a work on a device or within software of their choosing is equivalent to the purchase of a physical item. Second, that the vast majority of e-books are persistent objects rather than disposable culture.”'
  • 'John Casey, who serves on the faculty of UVA's creative writing program, released a new novel last month Compass Rose that grows the story he established in his National Book Award-winning 1989 novel Spartina. The New York Times' Sunday Book Review weighed in yesterday, calling Compass Rose a "beautiful, elegaic new novel," and continuing: "It is useless and truly beside the point, in a book of such compacted sweep, to condense the plot."'

    Compacted sweep!

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