links for 2010-12-13

  • 'Nothing says “I wish you'd be more sensitive to our child's needs,” like Emma Donoghue's Room, or “You need to learn to live in the moment,” than The Book of Awesome, or “I'm leaving you for a 22-year-old bisexual Swedish cyber-terrorist” (the entire Stieg Larsson series). The triumph of e-readers has robbed us of far more than the antiquated rustle of paper, or shelves full of dusty old tomes. It has robbed us of the ability to share, discuss and passive-aggressively communicate through our mutual gift-book choices.'

    HT: DD!

  • 'Oscar winner Cate Blanchett will return to Middle Earth as the noble elf, Lady Galadriel in The Hobbit. According to Deadline, director Peter Jackson had this comment: “Cate is one of my favorite actors to work with and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her reprise the role she so beautifully brought to life in the earlier films.”'


  • "Julie Powell managed to cook/blog her way through all 524 recipes in Julia Child's cookbook in a year, learning valuable life lessons along the way. I hope to learn as much, if not more, by watching the film Julie & Julia every day for a year."

    There are heroes, and then there are Heroes. via Bookslut.

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