“Catcher, Caught” at New Dominion January 29

Sarah Collins Honenberger will present selections

from her new novel

Catcher, Caught

Saturday, January 29 at 11:00 AM at New Dominion Bookshop

When I first met Holden Caulfield, I didn’t know I was dying. He’s way more cool than me, but I like how he tells what it’s like to be him. Straight out. Real. And even though his story’s lots more exciting, I’m going to tell you mine anyway. It may be the last thing I do.

In Catcher, Caught, 15-year-old Daniel Landon reads The Catcher in the Rye the summer he is diagnosed with leukemia. Isolated on a houseboat and terrified of dying before he’s had a chance to live, he uses Holden’s analysis of the world as he makes his decisions about his own medical care, friendship, love and family. While his parents insist on alternative remedies, he realizes he is running out of time and follows Holden to New York City in search of the same eternal truths.


“When you close the book on Holden Caulfield, you know he has the rest of his life to figure it all out. But Daniel Landon only has a year to live—and just as many questions. With warmth and pitch-perfect humor, Catcher, Caught follows Daniel as he leaps, feet first, into a quest for the meaning of it all. And when you close this book, you know at least one thing Holden never did.” —Patricia McCormick, author of Sold, National Book Award Finalist

“I’m a sucker for rites-of-passage novels, and Sarah Collins Honenberger’s Catcher, Caught gave me what I needed—a one-of-a-kind voice in the narrator of Daniel Solstice Landon. He’s brave, compassionate, patient, and funny. His parents are well-meaning parents trying to make some sense out of tragic circumstances that—for some reason—seem to always strike well-meaning parents. This novel will stick in my memory for a long, long time.” —George Singleton, author of The Half-Mammals of Dixie

“The characters are real, the plot is gripping, the voice is authentic, and the book is terrific.”

—W. Edward Blain, Chair, English Department , Woodberry Forest Prep School

About the author

Sarah Collins Honenberger’s prize-winning fiction has appeared in Antietam Review, New Millenium, South Lit, The HooK, and other literary journals. Her second novel, Waltzing Cowboys, was a 2009 nominee for the Library of Virginia Fiction Award. Her first novel, White Lies, is a featured selection on the National Vaccine Information Center site. In 2009 she was awarded an honorary membership in the Virginia Writers’ Club for her continued encouragement and support to other writers. In addition to a fellowship with the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, her essay, “Gathering Rosebuds: A Manifesto for Working Women,” was included in a 1998 Oprah book club segment. She divides her time between Orange, Virginia and a river house in Tappahannock, the setting for Catcher, Caught. Her novel in progress, Seen and Unseen, explores the complicated friendship between an African American teenager and an older woman who witnesses the drowning of the girl’s little brother.

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