links for 2011-01-19

  • "As Wikipedia has grown, it has become increasingly clear that it functions as a necessary layer in the Internet knowledge system, a layer that was not needed in the analog age. A study carried out by Alison Head and Michael Eisenberg, published in a March 2010 edition of the Web journal First Monday, surveyed university students about their research habits and, in particular, how they begin research projects. Most of the nearly 2,500 students who responded said they consult Wikipedia, but when questioned more deeply, it became clear that they use it for, as one student put it, "pre-research." In other words, to gain context on a topic, to orient themselves, students start with Wikipedia."
  • "I find the process of self-promotion excruciating," said Ms. Waldman, who, frankly, seems approximately as shy as a Kardashian. "I'm sure there are plenty of people who think 'she's so tacky.' And I say: 'I have four children to feed. I wish I had the luxury of not being tacky.'"
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