links for 2011-02-15

  • "This is an excerpt from my e-book Editors Unleashed: Magazine Editors Growl About Their Writer Pet Peeves. I spoke with 10 assigning editors at national and trade magazines (under condition of anonymity) to find out what writers do that piss them off — and how to avoid being an editor’s nightmare. Interested in reading the rest? The e-book is only $6.95 — check it out and order it on the e-book page."
  • "What could be more fun than mocking yesterday’s euphemisms? Open a copy of Mencken’s “The American Language” and you find our American forebears exclaiming “nerts!” (to avoid the naughty “nuts!”) and calling their legs “limbs” or “benders.” Then there are the benighted Brits, for whom Poe’s “The Gold Bug” was retitled “The Golden Beetle,” since “bug” to them meant only the (unmentionable) bedbug."
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