links for 2011-02-17

  • "We admit, we hesitate to draw too many sweeping conclusions about What It All Means, at this point. We're pleased to provide some solid evidence that women are writing and sending out their work, and we're happy to have provided a home for great writing by–and, we hope, for–both men and women."
  • "So these are the six signs that identify the genre, Twitter Can’t Topple Dictators. 1.) Nameless fools are staking maximalist claims. 2.) No links we can use to check the context of those claims. 3.) The masses of deluded people make an appearance so they can be ridiculed. 4.) Bizarre ideas get refuted with a straight face. 5.) Spurious historicity. 6.) The really hard questions are skirted. "
  • 'Vampire novelist Charlaine Harris (her novels inspired HBO’s True Blood series) has partnered up with I-play Entertainment to create “Dying for Daylight,” a PC video game. This project stars Dahlia, a character described as “a vampire with a devastating sense of fashion and a razor-sharp wit.”'

    I've played it. It's not the best PC game I've ever played, but it's pretty cute.

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