Two WriterHouse seminars enrolling this week

This image shows a red wine glass.

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Both of these will be held at WriterHouse at 508 Dale Avenue, behind the Preston Avenue Bodo’s.


With Matthew Stowell

Saturday, March 26 from 9am-1pm

Do you have a passion for good wine? Why not share your passion by writing about wine—and getting paid in the bargain? Matthew Stowell, who has published articles about wine and food in the US and Europe since 2004, will teach you the essentials of professional wine writing.  Learn how to approach wine professionals for an article, the vocabulary of wine, easy ways to increase your wine expertise, and techniques for getting your work in print. The seminar is  $55 for members or $60 for non-members. There are still spots available, so register on the website today.


With Maria Adelmann

Thursday, March 31 from 6:30pm-9:30pm

If you want to write short stories but just can’t seem to get started, this seminar will help you to generate ideas by rotating through a series of writing exercises and prompts. It’s like speed dating for stories! By the time you leave, you should have at least a few exciting ideas that you’ll want to expand and explore. The cost is $35 for members and $40 for non-members.

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