links for 2011-03-28

  • All you need to know about how to write a Manifesto.
  • "It's not that The Times shouldn't charge for its content — it has every right to earn money for its work. It's that their current pricing scheme is needlessly complex. You are charged differently based on the device you use — web access plus smartphone versus web access plus tablet. And there's the unpredictability of free access. Web users can read up to 20 articles free per month, after which point they must pay for additional access. Unless they are sent there by links from social media, and then they can read those articles, but only those articles. And if you are sent there by a social media link, it will count toward your 20 per month — even if you didn't know it was a link to the Times because it was behind a shortened URL. These qualifications and exceptions remove people's confidence in the value they're receiving."


  • “Seventeen top executives are covered by the largest program, which could add as much as $7.1 million to the pay packets of leaders who stick with the company in bankruptcy. Court papers say 70% of the group have been with the company less than 18 months, and many joined Borders less than a year ago.”

    And so it goes.

  • "Every college teacher I know is bemoaning the same kind of thing. Whether it's rude behavior, lack of intellectual rigor, or both, we are all struggling with the same frightening decline in student performance and academic standards at institutions of higher learning. A sense of entitlement now pervades the academy, excellence be damned."

    And I bet your instructors said exactly the same thing about you!

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