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Having Your Cake & Eating It Too: The Benefits and Challenges of Mixed-Genre Fiction

Thursday, May 19, 2011, 7:00pm, at WriterHouse

Join Moondogs author Alexander Yates as he discusses the pleasures and challenges of incorporating genre writing into literary fiction and the obstacles he faced while writing and publishing his mixed-genre debut novel. Moondogs is a singularly effervescent novel about the disappearance of an American businessman in the Philippines and the estranged son, jilted lover, misguided felon and supernatural saviors who all want a piece of him. Meet Alex, meet other writers. Refreshments, books available for purchase and signing. Free and open to the public.

Freaks and Wieners–An Unlikely Author Partnership

Wednesday, June 8, 7:00pm, at WriterHouse
How can authors with different aesthetics contribute to each other’s work? Man Martin, author of Paradise Dogs, a picaresque farce set in a pre-Disney Florida hotdog restaurant, and Jamie Iredell, author of The Book of Freaks, a prose poem faux encyclopedia, would not seem to have much in common. Yet they regularly read and critique each other’s writing. They’ll discuss how writers can help each other, even if they’re not writing the same genre. Free and open to the public. Books available for purchase and signing.


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  1. Darn, I thought I’d found some books scrided just for we canines. “Moondogs” – it made me want to howl! “Paradise Dogs” conjours up visions of Gardner McKay, reruns of Adventures in Paradise, and strong German Sheperds dressed in sarongs, barking polynesian war chants. What a disappointment! When I read the post, both sound like good books, but for that inferior homo sapien species.

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