Q and A with Katharine Weber July 26 at BookBalloon

Q and A with Katharine Weber July 26

Katharine WeberIt’s a story with enough glamour, intrigue, romance, and heartbreak for a dozen Broadway musicals, but every word of it is true. The Memory of All That is Katharine Weber’s memoir of her remarkable, maddening, fascinating family – from her father, a philandering filmmaker, to her influential Warburg relations. At the heart of the story is Katharine’s grandmother, Kay Swift, an accomplished musician, composer and author, and George Gershwin’s long-time friend and lover.

Weber is the author of the novels True Confections (2010), Triangle (2006), The Little Women (2003), The Music Lesson (1999), and Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (1995).

Katharine Weber will be at BookBalloon beginning Tuesday, July 26, to discuss The Memory of All That and answer questions in the Forum. Please join us next week.

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