Best links for 11/09/2011

  • “Paul Cameron is the co-founder of Booktrack, a service matching synchronized music, sound effects and ambient sound to the text of e-books….As the reader progresses through a Booktrack story, the soundtrack keeps pace, and the reader can pause or resume the soundtrack manually whenever needed. Separately controlled music, sound effects and ambient soundtracks, meanwhile, can be turned off, lowered or raised individually, depending on the reader’s personal preference.”

  • “Writing is a suspension of life. I believe that so-called writer’s block is something that any writer is going to experience every day, but in a minor way. You break through some kind of membrane, and then you go into another world. Time really goes fast in there, but it is hard as can be to get there, and it frightens me. It frightens Joan Didion. She talks about the ‘low dread’ she feels looking across the room at the door of her study. When she’s sitting somewhere, not writing, and she looks and sees that door, she experiences the low dread. Oh boy, do I know what that means. Getting past it is just a daily thing.”

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