Best links for 11/10/2011

  • “Night after night, we would perform scenes from the hospital, with Yossarian gamely imitating The Soldier Who Saw Everything Twice, or from the briefing room scene where an outbreak of moaning disrupted the meeting completely. We reveled in the peculiar combinations of sounds that made up the rich and varied smorgasbord of character names: Cathcart, Scheisskopf, Chief White Halfoat, and of course Major Major Major Major. Details became fixed in our minds: the crabapple cheeks of Orr, McWatt’s singsong “Oh, well, what the hell,” Milo’s disastrous cornering of the Egyptian cotton market. We gobbled it all down like M&Ms and ice cream, growing sugar-punchy, weeping with laughter, demanding that everyone else in the room hush and let us read one more really good bit–no, this part was hilarious, you’ll see…”

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