Upcoming events at WriterHouse: February & March

Coming to WriterHouse:

» Friday February 3, First Fridays Art Opening for Robert Boucheron’s “The Imaginary City,” a series of pen and ink drawings of buildings, streets, and towns.  The scenes recall European and American cities of the nineteenth century and earlier, drawn freehand and to scale.

» Thursday, February 9, 7pm, “Making a Graphic Novel” with Caroline Preston, author of The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: A Novel in Pictures. Author Caroline Preston will discuss how she created a graphic novel The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt and marketed it through social media and bloggers. This novel was on the list of best historical novels of 2011 by Kirkus reviews and the Boston Globe said “… its vintage graphics and sweet, sincere storytelling make it a pure pleasure.” Preston is the author of three previous novels: Jackie by Josie, Gatsby’s Girl , and Lucy Crocker 2.0

» Saturday, February 11, 9am-1pm, Seminar: Honest Writing–Finding Your Voice. How do we define honest writing in fictional narratives? How do we get to that place where we write honestly and truly? How useful are the labels we apply to different prose styles, and must we ultimately choose between Hemingway’s minimalism and Faulkner’s stream of consciousness? Short readings and in-class writing exercises will help us think more critically about these kinds of questions. We’ll also discuss when and how we should imitate other voices we love.

» Thursday, February 16, 7pm, Sci Fi/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction group reading. Come hear readings from the group that meets the first Tuesday of each month (see member events above). Great stories, fine (if strange) company, food & beverage — how can you go wrong? Come join us for a journey to other worlds and experiences.

» Saturday, March 10, 2-5pm, Writing From Home with author Meg Medina. In partnership with the Jefferson-Madison Regional Libraries, WriterHouse presents Latina children’s book author Meg Medina. Come to an afternoon of hands-on writing experiences to help you tap into your family roots for stories that bind readers together across generations and cultures. Register at bigread@jmrl.org. Free and open to the public.

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