Best links for 03/06/2012

  • “According to literary agent Nathan Bransford, there are more than 15,000 people out there querying agents every year. A lot of those books being pitched are never written. (I suspect that the woman who told me, at a cocktail party, that she had three novels in her head and only had to write them down never did write them down.) Of those aspiring writers who complete a book, some publish them, but most don’t. Some give up and others self-publish. All of them participate in some way in the writing culture and chatter. Everywhere I go I seem to meet one of them, and a lot of them find me. Though hard statistics are hard to come by, it is clear that a whole lot of people want to be writers—or think they want to be writers or at least want to have written a book.”

  • “Talented, would-be-published writers tell me all the time that they have finished articles and don’t know where to send them, or that they have short stories collecting dust, or that they don’t think they are good enough to get published. So, this is for all the writers out there who need some encouragement to send work out, or just need a kick in the ass.”

  • “But I still follow the Orange Prize avidly, and here is why: over the past several years, the Orange longlist has been a far more reliable source of good novels than the Booker longlist has been.”

  • ‘How wonderful to be reminded of John Leonard’s rules for criticism in the debut issue of “The Slate Book Review.”’

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