Best links for 03/29/2012

  • ‘I was careful to collect only books that adhered to the “The ___’s Daughter” formula. So I didn’t include The Murderer’s Daughters, for example, or The Kitchen Daughter. Even leaving those variations out, though, and deleting any instances where the same book appeared more than once in the search results, the number of The ___’s Daughter books out there is truly staggering. Once I went back over my spreadsheet to remove duplications, I was left with 530 titles.’

  • ‘Now, of course we know about books and covers and judgement, but may I suggest it might make it easier at least to distinguish between novels if the people who design the covers pop into a bookshop from time to time, notice what’s already there, and see if they can come up with some new ideas? It’s dispiriting to think that, actually, they probably do so already, and have decided that we readers can be handily categorized as “Legs”, “Water Gazers” and “Walkers Away”.’

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