Best links for 04/03/2012

  • Brad Beauregard: “Style is the house you accidentally build while you’re tearing walls down and throwing them in the burn pile. But most important, style is the thing writers struggle against, not toward. I say writers struggle against style, not because they always do, but because I believe they should.”

  • ‘Last Wednesday I attended a debate at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, at which three men engaged in a lively, literate, and deeply-informed exchange. After they finished and the moderator opened the floor for questions, the usual thing happened. The questioners by and large had no questions. Instead they offered up prolix piles of words that led nowhere in particular. Some sought to show off what they mistook as their own superior knowledge. Others scolded. A few got lost in their own labyrinths. The closest we came to a question was the j’accuse rhetorical jab more or less in the form, “Don’t you agree that you are an ignorant buffoon?”’

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