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The Rose That Grew from Concrete

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Quora user Tamara Troup wrote: “At our library some of the most frequently stolen books are the Law Enforcement Officers training manuals, the civil service exam prep books, and the ASVAB prep books.” Quora user Alice York wrote: “At the two public high school libraries where I have worked: A Child Called It by David Pelzer (a book about parental abuse) and The Rose That Grew From Concrete poetry by Tupac Shakur.”

I think the follow-up questions should be, “Why are these books being stolen?” and then “How can we better serve our citizens?” Because I’m thinking that someone who steals A Child Called It might have a good reason for not buying or borrowing it. Test prep manuals — are they too expensive? Are there not enough of them? Are people wanting a copy to write in? Maybe the library should ask for funds (ha ha, I know) to buy enough copies to give away.

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