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  • “Now I’m not talking line editing. I’m talking serious revision, as in re-visioning. Really looking at the story in a different way, from a different angle. It may mean that I slice and dice some of the stuff I like the best, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do. Because in the long run it’s not about those (in my mind) brilliant sentences. It’s about the story.”

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  1. I read fiction for both great story-telling and beautifully crafted sentences. It’s not an either-or proposition. When you look at a great painting, do you see only its content?

  2. Hello, itarasovic! You might want to read the post that I excerpted the above quote from. Christy isn’t saying it’s an either/or, she’s saying that as a writer, no matter how much she might love a sentence she’s written, if it doesn’t serve the story, it’s got to go. That’s one of the hardest things about revision — “killing your darlings.”

  3. Thanks for the larger context of the Strick quote, Elizabeth. I’m a Richmond reader and writer, and I love to collect beautiful sentences! I post them on my blog, In Search of the Perfect Sentence ( [How to do a link here?] I’ve fallen behind on it lately, but there’s still some good reading there. Maybe you or your readers have a sentence or passage you’d like to contribute.

    Jan Tarasovic
    PS Don’t go to my wordpress site–it’s empty now, but I hope to move the blog here soon.

  4. Thanks, Jan! Your link works just fine — readers, check it out!

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