Best links for 05/31/2012

  • ‘Its detractors were operatic in their vilifications. The poet Phyllis McGinley called it an abomination and said its adherents should be lynched; and the historian T. Harry Williams went so far as to pronounce it “the most horrible usage of our times” — a singular distinction in the age that gave us expressions like “final solution” and “ethnic cleansing,” not to mention “I’m Ken and I’ll be your waitperson for tonight.”‘

  • “Authors of science books often begin as writers of science news. As a science journalist who is looking to write a book, I’ve become very curious as to how other science journalists made the leap forward. I suspected that the questions that go into books might be different from those that drive newspaper and magazine journalism. With that in mind, I asked six successful science authors what questions they have found themselves asking — of themselves or of their sources — when writing books.”

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