WriterHouse seminar this Saturday: The art of the radio essay

Janis JaquithSaturday, June 23, 9am-1pm, Janis Jaquith will conduct a seminar on writing essays for the radio. Ever heard those personal commentaries on NPR stations and wonder how it’s done? Learn the techniques of this performance art: how to grab the listener by the lapels; how to create a mini-movie in the minds of thousands of listeners; how to NOT sound like you’re reading from a script when, of course, you are!

Janis Jaquith’s radio commentaries have been broadcast on NPR stations since 1997. She has been a commentator for the PRI radio show “Marketplace” and NPR’s “Day to Day.” For six years, she was a columnist for The Daily Progress. Her VPA award-winning column now appears in Charlottesville’s newsweekly, The Hook. Sign up here.

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