Best links for 07/25/2012

  • ‘Initially, the questions that were thrown at me were pretty basic — queries you might present to people you had just met — such as, “How was your day today?” or “What is your happiest memory of the past year?” Over time, as I dutifully took the questions seriously, wrote out detailed answers and sent my replies back, something wonderful began to happen. Rather than getting questions that could’ve been asked of anyone, I began to receive questions that certainly seemed to be directed at me — not questions that could’ve been asked of anyone. My first clue was this question, “What would you say about Thailand to someone who had never been?” This was clearly up my alley as I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand. But the real clincher was when the system asked me, “Is Gregory Pleshaw someone you would want to know 20 years from now?” On the latter question, I typed in an emphatic “NO!” and sent Becker an email. Clearly, he’d been reading the posts and was toying with me. But quite the contrary was true. What was really happening was that a certain key aspect of the program was emerging, for in addition to building a sophisticated journaling website, Becker had infused the program with a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that allowed the system to learn more about me and tailor questions automatically without any human intervention whatsoever.’

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