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  1. I do not belong to a writing group, but have written a book which will be available by the end of October. Advance reviews are on my website, but I wondered if you could advise how to have it reviewed locally to publicize its launch?

  2. I’d love to post my review of Kathryn Erskine’s latest novel Mockingbird. Are you interested in guest reviews?

  3. I’d love to have your review, Sally!

  4. Here’s the review of Kathryn’s book:

    Erskine’s second novel, Mockingbird, catches the emotional highs and lows of Asperger’s Syndrome from a kid’s point of view in the understated way of poetry. Caitlin struggles with her brother’s murder during a school shooting, her father’s grief, and her own frustration with the world as it is, a world distant and complicated even for children who don’t suffer the distinction of being different. “It’s easier when things are black and white,” Caitlin says in her journey to understand the give and take of friendship. As the teachers and other students interact with Caitlin after she loses her older brother as her protector and interpreter, she must decipher their intent and learn acceptable behavior, challenges to her more direct view of life. Erskine’s simple story is so much more than a story of one little girl. It’s an insightful and moving discovery of how to live and grow in an imperfect world.
    –Sarah Collins Honenberger, author of award-winning Waltzing Cowboys and forthcoming novel Catcher, Caught (AE, Dec. 28, 2010)

  5. I’ve written a review of The Passage too, and am thinking you gave me a procedure for sending in a review which I didn’t follow with Mockingbird. Please feel free to delete the comment and post the review as a review not a comment. I’m IT challenged.

  6. My book (the Twins: Union Station and Paradigm Shift) is in pre-sales right now (on-line orders) and coming out within the month (available to bookstores), and I too, am curious about the Review Process: How does one get reviewed?
    Thanks & bra, Marvin Welborn

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