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Going on hiatus…

Mr. CvilleWords has taken a new job in New England, so the CvilleWords family will be spending the next several weeks getting ready to move. I have enjoyed hosting this blog SO MUCH. I have met so many COOL PEOPLE in the Charlottesville arts scene, and it’s been my IMMENSE PLEASURE to have some small part in supporting the literary community.

Charlottesville, I love you!

The Long Life and Powerful Influence of Uncle Arthur

Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories

It’s been nearly five years since I posted about Uncle Arthur’s Book of Bedtime Stories. They were a big part of my youth because the books were distributed to pediatrician’s offices, and I spent a lot of time at the pediatrician. That post has garnered 63 comments from others who remember and collect the books. If you remember the greedy little boy or the good-deeds club, check out that post and leave a comment. Good memories.

Best links for 01/24/2012

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Best links for 01/23/2012

  • ‘According to Figment vice president Katie Robbins, the idea for the daily email was inspired by the Figment community’s demand for more ways to get inspired. Among Figment’s many services are social networking, feedback exchange opportunities, and writing contests, but users were “always eager for more,” Robbins says. “We wanted to do something that would encourage writers of all ages to get into the daily practice of writing and make good, carefully crafted writing prompts available to them on a daily basis.”‘

  • “Enhanced e-books—which have multimedia features such as audio, video, pop-up graphics, 3-D images and animation—are being touted as the next frontier in the digital-books landscape.”

  • “Here are the finalists for fiction and non-fiction with excerpts and other links where available. As a side note, the NBCC award is particularly interesting in that it is one of the few major awards that pits American books against overseas (usually British) books.”

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Best links for 01/15/2012

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Best links for 01/14/2012

  • “This quote comes from Dennis Palumbo, a former screenwriter-turned-psychotherapist, writing about rejection. He says it as a reminder that rejection is often arbitrary and impersonal, so if you take it as a reason to be somebody you’re not you’re making a mistake.”

  • “I’ve been a devoted, even fanatical reader of fiction my whole life, but sometimes I feel like I’m wasting time if I spend an evening immersed in Lee Child’s newest thriller, or re-reading The Great Gatsby. Shouldn’t I be plowing through my in-box? Or getting the hang of some new productivity app? Or catching up on my back issues of The Economist? That slight feeling of self-indulgence that haunts me when I’m reading fake stories about fake people is what made me so grateful to stumble on a piece in Scientific American Mind by cognitive psychologist Keith Oatley extolling the practical benefits to be derived particularly from consuming fiction.”

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Best links for 01/13/2012

  • “The passage into public domain of Joyce’s major works has been talked up in certain quarters as though it were a bookish version of the destruction of the Death Star, with Stephen Joyce cast as a highbrow Darth Vader suddenly no longer in a position to breathe heavily down the necks of rebel Joyceans.”

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