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Support The Haven, Wednesday May 23

On Lament and Hope

On Wednesday, May 25 from 7-8:30 PM at The Haven, New City Arts presents an interdisciplinary evening of art that gives language to the process of grieving in our world and the ‘other’ whether it be hope, love, or something else, that precedes (or follow) our grief.

Participating artists include PennyWell, Sam Voekel, Evan Hansen, Rachel Adams, Bernard Hankins, Lisa Ryan, Daniel Moore, Elizabeth Stehl, and more! Featured work will include musical performances, an installation in The Sanctuary, spoken word and poetry readings.

$5 will get you in and benefit The Haven. The evening’s plenary is hosted by PennyWell, a local band led by NCAI board representative, Brendan Jamieson. The Haven is located at 112 West Market Street. Inquiries? Contact Maureen at artsdirector [at] newcityarts.org.


The Rape of Europa

Raphael, Portrait of a Young ManI have Rick Sincere to thank for alerting me to this gem of a movie, now playing at the downtown Regal, about Hitler’s attempts to appropriate or destroy all the great artworks of Europe. His plans for seizing major works of art were begun before the invasion of Poland, and the plunder and destruction were carried out right up until the end.

Even when weighed alongside the massive loss of life, Hitler’s campaign to wipe out the cultural heritage of Europe is horrific. As one commentator in The Rape of Europa says, Art is what makes us human. Art speaks to us of common concerns, common perceptions and dreams, that reach back into antiquity and bind us together as a species. Art expresses what is noblest in the human spirit.

The Rape of Europa brought to mind the senseless destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas and the looting of the Iraqi National Museum. A broader study of the effects of war on cultural heritage would be fascinating but probably too long for an evening on the town.