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The Virginia Triumvirate at New Dominion February 10

Coming to New Dominion Bookshop:

John P. Kaminski will present selections from his new biography

The Great Virginia Triumvirate

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison

in the Eyes of Their Contemporaries

Wednesday, February 10 at 12:15 PM

As the largest, oldest, and wealthiest of the original thirteen colonies, Virginia played a central role in the fight for independence and as a state in the new republic. This importance is reflected in the number of Virginians who filled key national leadership positions. Three remarkable Virginians stand out in their service to the new nation: George Washington as commander in chief during the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson as the philosophic voice of the country, and James Madison as the chief architect of the nation’s new constitutional system. In The Great Virginia Triumvirate, John Kaminski presents a series of biographical portraits that bring these three men remarkably to life for the modern reader.

The passage of time, coupled with the veneration so often surrounding historical figures, has obscured the subtleties and complexities of the founding fathers’ characters. To cut through this fog of myth, Kaminski relies on the words of the three Virginians themselves, sharing with us a trio of eloquent, and often candid, voices. (Jefferson once told John Adams that he had not written a history of his times because that history was to be found in his correspondence, where he could be especially direct and honest.) Kaminski also turns to the people who personally knew the three great Virginians—their friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies. Through their public and private writings, as well as the observations of their contemporaries, the subjects’ distinctive qualities as individuals can be glimpsed with depth and immediacy.

Taken from letters, speeches, diaries, and memoirs, the quotations and vignettes included here shed light on the actual person behind each public image. George Washington offering a bowl of hot tea at night to a guest at Mount Vernon who has a cold; Thomas Jefferson extending condolences to John Adams on the death of his wife, Abigail; and James Madison bequeathing the silver-hilted walking cane, left him by Jefferson, in turn to the third president’s grandson, Thomas Jefferson Randolph—such moments reveal personality and character in a way that no official act ever could.

“Much is known to one which is not known to the other,” Jefferson wrote, “and no one knows everything.” The cumulative effect of many voices, however, can create a portrait of invaluable insight.

Kaminski is an extremely well informed guide through the tangled tale of our political origins…. This book, clearly a labor of love, represents his distilled wisdom of the three great Virginians—Washington, Jefferson, and Madison.—Joseph J. Ellis, Mount Holyoke College, author of Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

John P. Kaminski is the founder and director of the Center for the Study of the American Constitution at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is the coeditor of The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights and the editor of The Founders on the Founders: Word Portraits from the American Revolutionary Era.


In re: Hemings v Jefferson

From Publishers Lunch, a new book deal:

William Hyland’s IN DEFENSE OF THOMAS JEFFERSON: Unravelling the Sally Hemings Sex Scandal, proving beyond every reasonable doubt that that the evidence against Thomas Jefferson is not only lacking, but in fact Jefferson was entirely innocent of the charge of having sexual relations with his servant, Sally Hemings, to Rob Kirkpatrick at Thomas Dunne Books, for publication in Spring 2009, by James Fitzgerald at the James Fitzgerald Agency (NA).

Judging by the title, this book sounds like an expansion of an article Hyland wrote for The American Journal of Trial Advocacy, titled, “Sally Hemings v Thomas Jefferson” (pdf; requires free registration). Sally Hemings suing Thomas Jefferson — what a lark.

Rick Britton at New Dominion Bookshop August 6 at noon

New Dominion Bookshop will host a reading and book-signing by Rick Britton who will present selections from his new book, Jefferson: A Monticello Sampler, on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at Noon.

Rick Britton has been writing about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello for over a dozen years. His well-received Jefferson pieces have appeared in newspapers and magazines all across the Old Dominion. Based largely on that work, this book presents an eclectic and captivating collection of Jefferson essays. Within its pages you’ll discover: Jefferson’s influence on Albemarle, his native county; the British raid that came within a hairsbreadth of capturing Jefferson; slavery along Monticello’s Mulberry Row; Jefferson’s friendship with Italian vintner Filippo Mazzei; his wide-ranging scientific pursuits; William Clark’s 1807 trek to Big Bone Lick, Ky., in search of Mastodon bones; Jefferson’s efforts toward exploring the West; the all-but-forgotten Freeman and Custis expedition; Jefferson’s slavery correspondence with Edward Coles; Lafayette’s 1824 visit to Monticello; Jefferson’s founding of the University of Virginia; his amazing architectural legacy; and the early years of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, the organization that owns and operates Monticello.

The magnitude of Jefferson’s talent, energy, and achievement eclipses his complexity and contradictions, but for Britton all are subjects for scrutiny. Hence he reminds us that Thomas Jefferson had his weaknesses as well as his strengths. Jefferson was a complicated person with a darker side and the author does not whitewash the Sage of Monticello, for despite his flaws, Thomas Jefferson deserves the praise often lavished on him. (From the Foreword by Frank E. Grizzard, Jr., Lexington)

Rick Britton is a Charlottesville-based historian, writer, photographer, and cartographer. An award-winning historical journalist, his work on the Civil War has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines across the country. His previous books include Albemarle & Charlottesville: An Illustrated History of the First 150 Years. He is also a regular weekly guest on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now radio show, talking about Virginia history topics, and he leads historical tours across the state.

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